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Top 5 Software Review Websites You Should Check Out Before Buying A Software

Top Software Review Sites

Do you know 60% of first-time buyers rely on online reviews before buying software? One cannot deny the fact that modern-day customers heavily rely on product review websites before buying a product online. According to a recent survey, negative reviews about a product decrease its chances of getting brought by the customers by the half. Not only that, customers who consulted online software review websites were ultimately happy and satisfied with their purchase.

However, it has found that most of the review websites use a mix of positive and negative reviews to inspire trust in customers. But the only problem is how you would know which review site is authentic and which one is fake to sell some random software? The answer to this question lies in the “reputation” of the site in the market.

The software review websites that we are about to mention in this post are known for their reputation and trust among the software buyers in the market. However, you can also establish your product on these review websites to receive genuine reviews that will help customers to make a purchase.

List Of Top Software Review Websites You Can Check Out Before Making A Purchase  


Capterra is one of the most popular software review websites that claim to offer more than 100000 ratings and reviews of different software in over 400 categories. In addition to the software reviews, the website also includes details like pricing, features, screen captures and the direct link to the vendor’s website or profile.

If you are sure which vendor you want to research to compare products, then Capterra offers some unique browsing and filtering options to make your search easier. Once you select a category, you can easily filter using ratings from 1 to 5 stars. It is the platform that you can help to create must-have features while allowing you to comprehend how your competitors are using the same.


If you are tired of visiting the same old website just to find the information you have read hundreds of times, then Software meet can bring a fresh gush of wind. This site features a searchable and browsable data of applications that can be filtered by the size, industry, price range, deployment, platform and user reviews. On the top of this with a few quick filters, you can view all 1 to 5-star rating software for HR management, Travel/Hospitality, accounting, market research, app development, marketing automation, learning management and more. You can always list down your software on the website to receive rating and reviews that will further contribute to the popularity of your application.  


GetApp itself is a known “Business app discovery platform… that focuses on profiling the established and popular apps- mostly software as Service (SaaS) mainly targeting the small and medium-sized audience.”

The site is known for featuring a large range of software applications. Within every general category listing, you can further customize your search based on the specific industry or business size. Once done, the website will provide the list of “The best match recommended for me” based on the selection. You can filter this search further based on features, pricing model, user reviews, and with other software you can use. In short, it is a unique software review website.


Crozdesk is known for being a software discovery portal that focuses on connecting businesses through the cloud-based software as service (SaaS) applications. The website contains browsable categories and detailed pages for a range of applications. You can start your search by selecting a category to browse and filter applications based on the features, OS support, pricing model and types of businesses. You can also make a side-by-side comparison to find the most suitable application for your business.

Once you select the application, you want to learn more about; you can go through profile pages to find considerable information. Along with this, there are several things that make Crozdesk profiles unique. Rather than providing their collected data, Crozdesk provides data collected from the web covering everything right from Twitter followers to Alexa rank to reviews gathered from known and unknown sites.


GetApp is the software website that serves the needs of both buyers and vendors, allowing products to gain exposure while helping buyers to make the best choice when it comes to selecting the right software. The unbiased reviews and in-depth Buyer’s Guides are what makes GetApp a reliable software review website. GetApp further claims to offer detailed insights and reviews that are 400 words long on average, nearly four times to typical software industry reviews.

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